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School brawl over stolen phone

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Parents, pupils detained by police

More than 30 people, including parents and students, were taken to the St Joseph Police Station following a brawl between female students of the St Joseph Secondary School outside the school yesterday.

Around 8.30 am the police responded to the report of a brawl outside the school. 

There they found a large group of people screaming and students fighting.

The fight, which happened between Form Four and Form Three students, apparently started when a student’s phone was stolen. One group of students beat up another female student, and her friends joined in the fight.

Meanwhile, the police stated, the parents were all arguing. In total 32 people were taken to the St Joseph Police Station—nine students and 18 adults. 

Two of the adults, including one 20- and one 22-year-old woman, were physically involved in the fight, police said. 

Five students were suspended for the fracas, and school officials are still carrying out their investigations.

All the other people were released, but they may still be charged pending the completion of the school’s investigation, the police probe and the submission of medical reports.