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3 injured as bullets fly outside bar

Monday, March 7, 2016

A woman and two men who were liming at a Marabella bar on Saturday morning were injured as two suspects engaged in a gunfight nearby, police said. The incident took place around 4.28 am at the Belle Bagai bar along the Southern Main Road. 

Jacklyne Cedeno-Samuel, 21, of New Grant, Clement Phillip, 29, and Christopher Perrot, of Vistabella, said they heard loud explosions and felt a burning sensation on their bodies.

Cedeno-Samuel was shot in her abdomen, Phillip was shot on the buttocks while Perrot was shot on the left side of his face. All three were treated at the San Fernando General Hospital where Cedeno-Samuel and Perrot remains warded in a stable condition.

Police received information that two men had an altercation and were shooting at each other close to the bar. In an unrelated matter, almost a year after footballer and expectant father Anderson Cornwall was shot and robbed, a 25-year-old man has been charged with his murder.

Cornwall, 21, a construction worker, of Church Street, Penal, was standing outside the Boardroom nightclub along the SS Erin Road, Debe, when he was approached by two men. He tried to run but one of the men opened fire, hitting him in his head. The men then snatched Cornwall’s chain and escaped in a white Nissan Tiida.

After receiving instructions from Deputy Director of Prosecutors Joan Honore-Paul on Saturday, Homicide detective Akash Ramsoobag charged a Pleasantville welder. He is expected to appear in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court today.