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Landfill fire forces school to close

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Springvale Hindu Primary School was closed this morning, as smoke from ongoing fires at the Forres Park landfill blanketed the community. 

According to reports, around 8.45 am, shortly after school had been called into session, the principal began calling parents to collect their children. 

The T&T Guardian visited the area yesterday and spoke with resident Tex Chinpire and his ten-year-old son, Sebastian. 

“We are fed up with this dump causing problems in our community,” Chinpire said. “The children were supposed to sit exams today and now they have to call parents back as soon as you drop them off, to come and get their children.” 

Sebastian said he was supposed to sit National Tests yesterday, but teachers told him the exams would resume whenever classes begin again. Approximately 200 pupils in total were sent home. 

Chinpire and other residents say they want the Government to move the landfill out of their area as it continues to worsen their quality of life as the years progress.