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Principal beaten by two students

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Warren Garraway

Alana Boodoo-Suraj 

The principal of a secondary school in Rio Claro was beaten by two students yesterday when he tried to stop a fight on the school’s compound.

The two students of the Rio Claro East High School were taken into police custody and are expected to be charged with assault, police said.

Police said that around 2.30 pm, two male form four students, ages 16, were gambling in the school toilet when a fight over money erupted.

The principal, Warren Garraway, attempted to intervene and was hit repeatedly with a dust bin cover. 

Garraway was taken to the Rio Claro Health Centre where he was treated for cuts, bruises, and swelling, police said.

The two students who hail from Libertville and Dass Trace, Rio Claro, respectively, are expected to appear before the Rio Claro Magistrates Court today. 

The incident is being investigated by Cpl Fairly of the Rio Claro Police Station.