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With one week left, prisoner make dash for freedom

Thursday, March 17, 2016

With just one week left of his prison sentence, Roopnarine Kanhai made a dash to escape from the Golden Grove prison earlier today.

Around 8:30 am Kanhai was part of an out-gang along the Golden Grove Road.

While carrying out the outdoor chores he decided to run away from the group.

At that time an officer on his way to work his shift at the prison saw Kanhai who he suspected to be an inmate running along the Golden Grove Road.

The inmate was barebacked and in a blue prison pants.

The officer then turned around his vehicle, gave chase and managed to block the inmate along the Express Link Road, Arouca, where Kanhai told the officer he was going home.

The officer kept the man there until another prison officer came along, both men then awaited the Emergency Response Unit's arrival who then took Kanhai back to the prison.

Kanhai is finishing up a four month prison term for the possession of cocaine at the Golden Grove Prison, he was expected to be released in a few days time.