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South shootings keep police busy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Southern Division homicide officers are being kept busy today with two separate shooting incidents.

Earlier this morning, around 5.50 am, officers received an anonymous call that a man was seen slumped over the steering wheel of a white Honda Civic at the end of Sooknanan Street, Marabella.

When the officers responded they found the victim, identified as Mark Ravello, dead with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the head.

Ravello lived at Cedar Drive, Pleasantville.

ASP Ramdeo, Insp Lutchman, Persad, Sgt Francis, Hajaree and PC Ramoutar from Homicide Division visited the scene, along with members of the Southern Division Task Force and CID.

And while homicide is currently investigating that incident they are also working on another shooting which took place on Monday afternoon in Moruga, where three men were shot multiple times.

One of them succumbed to his injuries this morning while being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital.

T&T Guardian was told that the men went into a forested area at La Lune, Moruga to harvest yam.

One of the men reported he heard a loud explosion and then felt a burning sensation on his shoulder and then in his abdomen.

As he began to run away he told police he noticed the other two men had been shot as well.

Two of them remain warded in a stable condition.

The Moruga police and homicide division are not yet certain if the trio triggered off trap guns while in the forest, making it an accidental shooting, or if it was purposeful and someone would have fired at them.

Keep posted to T&T Guardian for more details.