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Cipriani students threaten action if administration does not fix campus woes

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Students of the Cipriani Labour College are threatening to take action if the administration does not address the persistent issues the guild of students has been raising over the past few months.

Today the students will hold a forum with the school’s Director, Professor Denise Margaret Thompson to discuss the issues at the campus’ auditorium.

Some of the issues raised by the students include:  the non-issuance of certificates to 2015 graduates, repairs to toilet facilities, lack internet access at the college and insufficient WiFi, a non- functioning cafeteria, difficulties with the registration process, health and safety non-compliance issues, the Tobago’s campus: has no library, health and safety issues, renovations or a new campus is needed and they have missing lectures, and the South campus needs a new building.
Guild president Runako Williams promised the students will proceed with further action if the forum does not go well.
“If the promises made or the discussions at the forum are not  favourable in meeting our needs, or if we feel as though we are not taken seriously by the Directorate, the Guild will proceed to call for the removal of the powers that be. We are taking a stance toward the future of our college,” a release from Williams stated.
The forum takes place at 5pm in Cipriani’s auditorium at 5pm today.
“We stay committed to the fact that Cipriani is a well accredited institution and we don't want to see things get worse,” Williams said.