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Psychiatric patients make early morning break from hospital

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Six patients, one of whom is a high risk patient, from the Forensic Ward at the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital escaped from the Institution at approximately 2 am this morning.

A release from the T&T Police Service (TTPS) stated that five of the six escapees have returned. 

According to reports, initially six persons had broken free from the institution, however, two of the escapees, Keylon Lewis and Jamaican national, Andre Harvey have since been recaptured, while another was returned by a family member.

Lewis, Maikie Hendrickson, 20, Gabriel Solomon 26, Michael Thomas, 26, and Harvey were recaptured within hours of their escape.

Lewis was held by officers from the Guard and Emergency Branch. Hendrickson was held in Rio Claro by officers of the Rio Claro Police Station. Solomon was held by officers from the Siparia Police Station. Thomas was returned by relatives to the institution and Harvey was held on the compound.

The sixth escapee Sheldon Thomas, 31, remains at large and is on a charge of murder. Thomas’ last known address was Mt Plaisance Carenage.

The NWRHA has increased the number of guards in St Ann’s and is now working closely with the TTPS to ensure that the escapees are recaptured.