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Two hurt in ambulance crash

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Two people remain hospitalised after an ambulance transporting a patient was involved in a serious accident along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) in Arouca yesterday.

According to police reports, around 1.30 pm, the Global Medical Response (GMR) ambulance was driving east along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) when it collided with a Honda Civic at the intersection with Bacaday Road near to Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

The ambulance flipped on its side upon impact, trapping the two paramedics and the patient, who was being transported to the Arima District Hospital. Police arrived on the scene soon after and assisted in removing the paramedics, the patient and the other driver from the wreckage of their vehicles.

Another ambulance was summoned to the scene to take the patient and the other driver to hospital for treatment.

Police said the driver and patient sustained non-life-threatening injuries, with the patient being stabilised upon arrival at hospital. The two paramedics sustained minor injuries and were treated on the scene.

Investigators believe that the driver of the next vehicle possibly did not slow at the intersection upon hearing the ambulance’s siren.

Insp Birch of the Northern Division is continuing investigations.