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Fishermen aghast after pulling up body in catch

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fishermen doing their normal’s day’s work on shrimp trawlers at the mouth of the Caroni River in the Gulf of Paria yesterday, were thrown into a state of shock when, while hauling up the morning’s catch, they pulled up the decomposing body of missing WPC Nyasha Joseph.

Begging for strict anonymity, a man at the scene, was still shaken as he recounted, “When you are pulling up the catch, you have to pull up the trawling doors first. When they pulled up the doors, they saw a hand stuck in it. When they pulled up the net, they saw a woman’s body in a plastic bag.

“There were two 25-pound concrete blocks tied onto each of her hands and her throat appeared to be slashed. Her clothing looked like it was cut too. She was murdered.”

The source, who had difficulty recalling the incident, and seemed angry at death of the WPC, added, “The trawlers recognised her right away as the missing woman police who was on the papers. She looked exactly like on the papers.”

He said they called the police and shortly after the Coast Guard helicopter came and picked up the body.

The source said up to late yesterday afternoon, the men on the trawler who pulled up the body were being questioned by the police on the Port-of-Spain jetty.

“God know why,” the source said.