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Four suspects still in custody

Saturday, March 18, 2017
WPC Nyasha Joseph killing
WPC Nyasha

Four people who were arrested in connection to the murder of WPC Nyasha Joseph remained in custody yesterday, as investigators said they did not have enough evidence to lay any charges yet.

However, sources said investigators were also contemplating making a deal with one of the suspects to help determine how Joseph was killed.

Joseph, 22, of Morvant, was last seen around 11 am on March 9 and was reported missing when she did not show up for duty at the Morvant Police Station the following day.

For days police and Coast Guard searched the Beetham landfill, Sea Lots and the Gulf of Paria, as information had suggested she was murdered and either buried or thrown into the sea.

It was not until Wednesday, when a fishing trawler operating near the mouth of the Caroni River was retrieving its catch, that Joseph’s body was pulled up. Bricks were used to keep her body submerged.

An autopsy was inconclusive due to the state of decomposition of her body.

The main suspect, a 36-year-old Sea Lots man, was arrested on March 10 and has been in custody since then. Sources said a 36-year-old Carenage woman held hours after Joseph’s body was found is the mother of the first suspect’s child. She was said to have had an argument with Joseph days before she disappeared.

The third suspect is a fisherman who was believed to be aware of how Joseph’s body was transported to sea after she was killed.

He surrendered to police on Wednesday night after learning he was wanted for inquiries. Investigators were tight-lipped about the fourth suspect.

Joseph’s relatives said funeral arrangements are yet to be made as they are expected to meet with the T&T Police Service to discuss the details.

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and several of his senior officers were in Tobago yesterday attending a conference, but he has promised to foot the bill for the funeral.