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Violence among students cause for concern—Dillon

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

There is no doubt the level of violence among school children is cause for serious concern and requires a multi-faceted approach involving collaboration among the Ministries of Education and National Security, says National Security Minister Edmund Dillon.

Dillon said so last Friday in Parliament replying to an Opposition questions of programmes to address victims and perpetrators of youth violence. This, given recent incidents of youth violence outside of schools.

“One of the important initiatives implemented by National Security to address violence among youth is the Military-led Academic Training Programme (MILAT) targeting youths aged 16-20 who show evidence of social exclusions, require individual attention and exhibit disinterest in education and training.”

Dillon also noted conducting of lectures at schools on crime, violence, bullying and the law.

He cited the work of the Child Protection Unit and the Victim and Witness Support Unit.

Other interventions, he said, included the Youth Training Centre of the Prison Service in which programmes target youth perpetrators of crime and violence. Focus is on improving discipline and reducing the number of children who re-offend after leaving YTC.