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Eastern Division in Easter dragnet

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Police officers check the credentials of motorists during a roadblock exercise in Valencia on Thursday.

Several motorist were issued tickets as police officers from Eastern Division started road block exercises on Thursday to ensure the safety of the public during the long Easter weekend.

The joint police exercise began at 11 am and ended at 3 and was conducted at the Valencia Roundabout and the corner of Cumaca Junction and the Old Valencia Road.

The joint police exercise saw Licensing and Immigration officers teaming up with the police.

Motorists were issued with traffic tickets for several offences, including smooth tyres, illegal tints and lights and no horn, while others were charged for driving without a driver’s permit and insurance.

Some motorists and the truck drivers were more disturbed over the time due to the road block.

Assistant Supt Gabriel Joseph and Cpl Manickram led the police officers from Eastern Division.

ASP Joseph said police exercises will be conducted continuously for the Easter weekend and will not be restricted to the roadways, but extended to the beaches and communities .

The objective, he said, is to ensure that people going to the beaches and popular rivers reach their destinations safely.

Joseph also cautioned all motorists to refrain from drinking alcohol and driving as police officers would be conducting the breathalyser tests on motorists as well.

Snr Supt Nelson coordinated the exercise while Supt Phillip supervised.