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Police raid Alleyne’s studio seeking info

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Police investigators walk out of Ian Alleyne’s studio while he watches yesterday. At right, is attorney Gerald Ramdeen. The officers raided Alleyne’s studio in search of information in relation to a murder.

Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne has condemned the way in which police officers went to his Chaguanas-based studio in search of information related to a homicide yesterday.

Shortly before 4 pm, a team of officers from the Homicide Bureau, Guard and Emergency Branch, Southern Division and Chaguanas Police Station went to Alleyne’s studio, located opposite Medford Gas Station in Endeavour, Chaguanas, where they allegedly demanded access to the studio’s master control room, information technology department and a laptop computer.

Alleyne’s attorney Gerald Ramdeen said the police officers had no proper search warrant and in the end, could not leave with any equipment, including computer hard drives.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian in his studio minutes after the officers left following a through search of some of his equipment, including a computer, Alleyne assured that he was willing to assist and cooperate with any investigating officer in relation to any aspect of police investigations, “once their approach are along the lines of integrity and professionalism.”

“They don’t have to come in here to break down doors for information…what is that? It is not guns, drugs or any kind of weapons they are looking for…it’s information,” Alleyne said.

He said he intends to file reports to several agencies about the officers’ conduct, including with Police Complaints Authority head, David West and the Professional Standards Bureau.