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MIC hostage taker facing 10 charges

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The 32-year-old Santa Cruz man who threatened to kill a 17-year-old MIC Institute of Technology (MIC-IT) trainee during a stand off with police on Monday, is now facing some 10 charges arising out of the incident.

The man, from Gasparillo Road, Santa Cruz, was initially expected to be charged last night. However, he will be placed on further identification parades today before charges are laid.

The charges include shooting at two police officers, possession of a gun and ammunition, possession of the gun and ammunition to endanger life and assault. The man is expected to be charged by two officers, a corporal and an assist superintendent (ASP), who have been investigating the crimes he is alleged to have committed.

Up to late last night investigators were going over statements and seeking advice from senior officers in relation to the best way forward with the case, as such incidents were in relatively uncharted legal territory.

Senior police sources told the T&T Guardian that the man is expected to be charged under the Taking of Hostages Act, which carries a life sentence.

According to reports, the suspect arrived at the O’Meara campus in a taxi with a 20-year-old female trainee. The taxi driver then got out the vehicle and went to campus security indicating the passengers had been arguing and the man had threatened to kill the woman.

Police were contacted but when they arrived the suspect engaged in a shoot-out with them. The suspect then ran into the school hall and grabbed the teenager, who had on headphones and did not realise the commotion going on around him. The suspect held a gun to the teen’s head for 10 minutes before police convinced him to give up after he asked to speak with his sister and a pastor.