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Zumba instructor leads domestic abuse campaign

Friday, November 10, 2017
Sreshtha Tewari Maraj

More than 300 people are expected to attend a two-part seminar to raise awareness of domestic abuse in T&T and provide information to resources and solutions available to victims.

The event takes place on November 19 at the studio of the Xtreme Dance Academy (XDA) Long Circular Road, St James from 3 pm to 7 pm. Organiser of the event titled Know Your Options, Domestic Abuse Awareness, Sreshtha Tewari Maraj, a licensed Zumba instructor, said the drive to spread awareness on domestic violence was an initiative on her part after two friends of her own personal friends were murdered in domestic violence situations.

She said at present, one of her good friends is also a victim of domestic abuse. She said clinical psychologist Dr Denise Jittan Johnson and a leading attorney, who works with battered women, have both agreed to be panellists for the seminar.

The lawyer, Tewari Maraj said, asked not to be named publicly, at least for now. Tewari Maraj said in addition to raising awareness she intends also to raise funds for those affected by domestic violence.

Saying that she wanted to help victims of abuse, she said this has been her first public attempt to reach out to victims.

Tewari Maraj said the objective of the event is also focused on providing information about the resources and solutions available to victims. In addition to raising awareness.

She said part one of the seminar which starts at 3 pm to 4.15 pm is geared towards raising awareness and sharing information on what options are available to those affected.

In part two a Zumba fundraising and fitness party will be held between 4.30pm to 7 pm to raise funds for persons affected by domestic abuse.

She said proceeds from the event will go to Goshen House, a home for battered women. Tewarie Maraj said she will rely on her Zumba network to have multiple instructors volunteer their time.

Cost to attend the two sessions is $TT100. She said a website has been created to allow for registration of attendees.

The website is