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Finance Ministry, ECA praise workers

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Ministry of Finance yesterday commended the employees of the Inland Revenue Division and the Customs and Excise Division for their dedication and commitment to their duties who ignored a call by their union, the Public Service Association, to stay home for two days.

The Ministry notes that while some members of staff heeded the calls to withhold their duties on Thursday and yesterday, the staff who reported for duty, ensured that the work of their respective Divisions continued and the public served.

In a separate statement, The Employers’ Consultative Association of T&T also praised the employees.

In a statement yesterday, the ECA said the workers who reported for duty demonstrated a willingness to work and nationalism.

“The ECA strongly condemns such an irresponsible and dangerous call by the PSA, especially given the potential direct and indirect adverse effects on the citizenry.

“Furthermore, the realities of economic life today are certainly not conducive to a large-scale work stoppage of this kind. The time has come for us as individuals, leaders of institutions, and civil society to begin to assess the effectiveness of such antiquated strategies within the context of a mature, progressive, 21st Century society,” the ECA urged.

“The ECA has noted repeated assurances that all workers affected in the transition can expect to be absorbed into the new Revenue Authority under terms and conditions ‘no less favourable’ to what currently exists.

This is a clear commitment to ensure that no worker is disadvantaged or disrupted in the transition to this much-needed authority.” The employers’ group urged all parties involved to use dialogue rather than confrontation as the primary vehicle for resolving perceived grievances.