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San Juan man killed for gold chain

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A San Juan father of one was ambushed at his home at Hill View Avenue, Petit Curacaye yesterday morning and killed after struggling with his attacker who robbed him of his gold chain.

According to police, Shadeek Sam, 30, was killed for his jewelry.

Police said the killer must have been from the area as the escape route was known only to people who live atop Hill View Avenue where the killing took place.

Sam was found a few feet away from where he lived. After running, he collapsed on the front steps of a neighbour’s home.

Residents said Sam was not involved in any criminal activity, a claim also made by police. He was described as a hard worker, trying to renovate his home. They said they heard the gunshots but did not immediately venture outside. It was around 7 am that Sam’s body was found.

As neighbours gathered, they played Jamaican artist Pop Caan’s “Only Jah Know” where the lyrics state: “I doh know what they kill yuh for”.

Sam’s sister was inconsolable when she arrived some three hours later. She screamed that only Thursday night she and her brother spoke and the next she heard, he was dead. Sam’s wife was overheard crying as well as she stood in her porch overlooking his body, behind the police caution tape.