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Memorial run in honour of murder victim

Friday, November 24, 2017
Nishad Amrit Radhay

As police continue the search for Nishad Radhay’s killers, his Athletics Central club is planning a memorial run/walk in honour of his memory this Sunday.

Radhay, 25, a doubles vendor, was shot dead at his Balmain, Couva home on Wednesday while preparing for a day’s work.

Police that around 2 am, two men stormed his house and shot him in the head before running off with cash and jewelry.

Athletics Central coach Tony Maxwell Hatt said the parents of Radhay’s killers should take the blame for their failures.

“It’s a horrific incident that is happening too often,” Hatt said.

He said the run was a celebration of Radhay’s life, in which the young entrepreneur overcame being an overweight child, who was bullied by his peers.

“He ballooned up to 260 lbs and at 5’ 7” he was not happy with himself and took up running to lose weight. He was a fit and accomplished runner. As the coach I thought this would be a good way saying thanks to Nishad for his efforts,” Hatt said.

The run/walk starts at 5 am at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva and will proceed to Balmain, Preysal, Gran Couva and back to the stadium for refreshments.

Hatt said there would be two miles of walking then ten miles of running. Participants will be asked to wear white to reflect peace. He invited all other clubs to participate.

“The run will be in memory of Nishad. We ran the route every Sunday and I thought that a run/walk would be a good way of remembering him. The idea came to me last night as I was asked to speak at the wake. I looked at all the sadness and thought that we needed a celebration of life so this morning I started this incentive. We are asking for donations of water and fruits if possible,” Hatt said.