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More suspects held in $5m airport robbery

Monday, December 11, 2017

Three more suspects wanted in connection with last Wednesday's airport robbery were held by the police on Friday, They are being detained at the Maraval Police Station.

Last Wednesday, armed bandits escaped with an estimated $5 million in cash from the cargo cart at the tarmac of Piarco International Airport.

Police said a man and two women were being questioned up to late yesterday evening.

Officers said the man showed up at the station to "sign in the book" and was accompanied by two women in an SUV.

They were then taken into custody for questioning.

Last week, seven people were questioned soon after the incident.

The vehicle used in the robbery was later found at found abandoned in Oropune Gardens.

On Friday, officers held an exercise in the Central Division and man and a woman were arrested with $250,000.00 fifty dollar bills TT currency.

That couple was not charged up tol late yesterday.

Statements were taken from the suspects and police officers are expected to hold discussions with the Director of Public Prosecution for today.

ACP Anti-Crime Operations Irwin Hackshaw said there has been a number of people taken into custody for questioning and the police did not want to divulge a lot of information on the subject.