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President-designate Justice Anthony Carmona will spend his last day as a judge today, dispensing with several matters in the San Fernando High Court. Among the matters on Carmona’s list will be the sentencing of three accu

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan is expected to receive a final report today on the death of Sasha Bisnath-Ali who died last December after undergoing a caesarian section at a private hospital. In a brief interview, Khan said

A man who police said claimed the devil made him smash the glass door of a businessplace has been jailed for 18 months. Emmanuel Brown, 27, was found guilty yesterday on the charge of store-breaking with intent by Magistra

A drug manufacturer is asking consumers, retailers and wholesalers to stop using or distributing four over-the-counter drugs. This is because the bottle caps are faulty. In a Februa

With three days left before Carnival, three major media houses—Guardian Media Ltd (GML), One Caribbean Media Ltd (OCM) and the state-owned Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG)—face a threat of legal action if they do not pay for copyright fees for ma

A defiant Dr Hafizool Ali Mohammed, one of the commissioners appointed to sit on the commission of enquiry into the 1990 coup attempt, has admitted his curriculum vitae (CV) is inaccurate but he is not stepping down. 

The issue surrounding Justice Anthony Carmona’s eligibility to be nominated for President has aroused concern among certain legal experts about Government’s process, although others believe the issue will not haunt Carmona’s presidency or affect future laws to which he may assent. Debate continue

Chief Justice Ivor Archie is expected to administer the oath of office to the new President next month at Knowsley, Queen’s Park West, at a date to be announced. The electoral college (comprising all Members of Parliament) is to meet at 2 pm next Friday to elect a successor to President Richards,

The Opposition PNM has no intention of mounting a legal challenge to Justice Anthony Carmona’s qualifications for the presidency and only wrote to the Government on the issue on Tuesday “simply as a precaution” to avoid a legal challenge being mo