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Almost five years after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, the country is trying to stabilise and expand its flagging economy.

Throngs of Trincity residents yesterday came out to protest the construction of a proposed five-storey building by Bhagwansingh’s Hardware.

The Education Ministry is bracing for possible electrical overloads in the nation’s schools because of the installation of air-condition units in classrooms.

As the Government gives the green light for the $5.5 billion Invaders Bay development, the Joint Consultative Council is again renewing its call for an immediate halt on the project.

Four murders and one police killing yesterday marked the start of a bloody weekend.

In the first incident, around 2.15 am, two men were walking along Wall Street in Pinto Road, Arima, when they were approached by a gunman.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan is condemning self-proclaimed herbalist Trevor Sayers’ latest claim that he has the cure for Ebola.

Tears welled up in the eyes of 40-year-old paraplegic Alana Gajadhar yesterday when she accepted her certificate from Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI) George Alleyne at the university’s graduation ceremony in St Augustine. 

Two of the six blood collection centres in T&T fear we will not be prepared to treat Ebola victims if they come to our shores.

Community Development Minister Winston Peters says elder-care professionals are needed more than ever as the ageing population increases.

Having spent a week in hospital, Anthony Williams was discharged on Wednesday and returned to his home at Nepaul Street, St James, on Thursday.