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Colour, creativity at Sporadic Intent

Friday, August 12, 2011
Papa Bois by Thomas Haskell.

 Three talented young artists joined forces on August 2 to present Sporadic Intent, an art exhibition at the Art Society in Federation Park, Port-of-Spain. Andrew Fitt, Shannon Kenny and Thomas Haskell showed collections, attracting a capacity turnout at the gallery. Kenny, who has a degree in Art Therapy from the University of Tampa in Florida, showed 13 canvasses, representing the work of the past eight months. During a brief interview, she said “I like to explore different techniques.” Her work at the show reflected this. Her works are in charcoal, liquid bronze, oil paint and nickel. The artist, in her twenties, has been pursuing art for the last six years and is about to do her MFA in painting. Fitt, 38, has shown several times in Trinidad and says he is happy with his latest efforts. He showed 19 new works. He studied art at the International Fine arts College in Miami, where he learned to use computer-based art tools to create his images.

Fitt has Cerebral Palsy and uses Coral Painter in creating his works, as his condition makes it difficult for him to control his physical movements. His colourful works capture human figures as well as abstract forms, with a strong graphic element. Twenty-two-year-old Haskell presented 11 paintings and sculptures, done in acrylic paint and polymer clay. He received a degree in Fine Art from the University of York, but is self-taught in sculpture. His work explores characters from Carnival and local folklore, as he presents his unique, playful twists on traditional forms. “I like to play with colour,” he says, “and to reinvent the characters.” Sporadic Intent continues until today August 11. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, from 10 am-6 pm.