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Machel set for 4th Road March title

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Machel Montano marshalled his forces in Island People’s Shade Of The Universe.

Blazing the trail with his hit Advantageous, International Soca Monarch Machel Montano is confident that the song will lead him to his fourth Road March title. Speaking to reporters yesterday after Island People mas band crossed the stage around 4 pm, Montano said he did not expect the song to be “this intense.”
Montano said he was “ecstatic,” a word which he cherished. Asked if the Road March title was “already in the bag” possibly making it his fourth win, Montano replied: “I don’t even know it was number four. “I wasn’t expecting to get Road March. “I told Kernel (Roberts) if I’m coming back, I must come back strong.”

Montano won the Road March titles in 1997 with Big Truck, in 2007 with Jumbie and in 2009 with Band of D’ Year, alongside Patrice Roberts. He said he did not expect to perform in last Friday’s International Soca Monarch competition which he won, taking home the top prize of $2 million. “It was one of the major decisions in my life to take part and to follow my instincts and I think it rallied a lot of support,” Montano said. He added it also garnered “counter-support.”

Speaking about his freestyle performance at the Soca Monarch, where he bashed his rivals Bunji Garlin and his wife Faye-Ann, Destra and Iwer George, Montano said there was no animosity but “what I said is the truth.” He said whoever didn’t like what he said on Friday could “lie down on the stage and sleep on it”—an apparent reference to the performance of Destra Garcia—because (in a singing voice) “I feel like I just win two  million dollars.” Montano said the season was wonderful and with a lot of adrenaline.
He said: “The stage is back in front of us. “Big up the Government. “Big up Gypsy (Winston Peters). “Big up the Prime Minister. “Let us give praise and give thanks and give credit where credit is due.”