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GCB worries about team's future

Friday, March 2, 2012


GEORGETOWN—Guyana’s future was uncertain following the resignation of the country’s top board officials, the secretary of Guyana’s embattled cricket board warned yesterday. Anand Senasee said it was unclear whether Guyana will play two remaining matches in the ongoing West Indies four-day championship. Only the board can pick a national team, and a high court has temporarily banned executive board members from acting. “I have not resigned, but the court has banned me from functioning, so we are in a crisis, a deep crisis,” Senasee said. “Cricket in Guyana has effectively been closed down by government.” Last week, board president Ramsay Alli resigned after police raided his home and office, and court officials seized financial documents and other papers.
The West Indies Cricket Board has repeatedly stated it will not recognise a government-appointed committee that aims to take control of Guyana’s cricket affairs. The government said it created the committee to end alleged corruption and bickering among factions. The WICB moved the Guyana team’s base to Dominica, and the team was in a third-place tie in the seven-team championship. The WICB has already canceled a test in Guyana in April between West Indies and Australia, and last month the International Cricket Council warned Guyana it faces serious consequences if the government continued to interfere in the GCB.