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Pollard: Primary school kids very lucky

Friday, June 21, 2013
Keiron Pollard

Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies allrounder Keiron Pollard says the children of today are very lucky to have Atlantic sponsoring cricket at the primary school level because in his day he was not so fortunate.


The burly right-hander, one of Atlantic’s Sports Ambassadors, said: “I started to play the game at age 13 because there was no organised cricket at the primary school I attended. 


“Today, I look and see what is going on in the primary school system when it comes to cricket and I am very impressed.


“Atlantic has seen it fit to pump money into this project to make it a reality and the children are very lucky for that. Now they are introduced to the game at a much earlier age and also exposed to a good level of coaching much younger as well.


“The guys at Atlantic have also taken a keen interest in the running of the league and they are right there to support the primary schools executive. They can be seen around the game and this shows that they really care about developing the young people in Trinidad and Tobago.”


Pollard also sounded a note of warning to the coaches. 


“While it is great that the youngsters are being introduced to coaches at a young age, the coaches must remember to make the game fun for the kids. If you try to implement too much technical stuff at an early age, the children may get disinterested and move out of the sport. So the coaches must be careful with that aspect of the game and to always keep in mind the game is fun at that age.”


Pollard also wished all the teams the very best and thinks cricket in the primary school will lead to better cricketers in the future. 


“Once they start young, they will stand a better chance of getting to their full potential, they would have all the coaching available there and would be able to at least learn the basics of the game from early.”