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T&T bags eight medals at PanAm k

Friday, August 9, 2013
Members of T&T’s Kanazawa Shotokan Karate-do International Federation upon the team’s arrival at the Piarco International Airport, this week, following a successful eight-medal haul at the Eighth SKIF Pan American Karate-Do Championships, in Panama, over the weekend.

Sensei Andrew Patrick and Sensei Laureen Thomas-Henry both secured gold when a T&T karatekas team secured eight medals at the Eighth Pan American Karate-Do Championship, in Panama, last weekend.


Comprising of 28 karatekas, the T&T team was well represented by Patrick, Thomas-Henry (gold and bronze), Atisha Delpesche (silver), Adam Moruf (silver), Maria Oseguera (silver), Preashaanta Singh (bronze) and Adrian Visser (bronze). The head coach and the assistant coach were Sensei Celeste Nottingham Sensei Ian Sammy, respectively. 


The event consisted of seminars and competitions, which attracted over 450 participants from 15 countries.


During the week-long event, president of Kanazawa Karate-do International Federation (KSKIF) Sensei Neil Mungal and his executive team took the opportunity to meet with president of the SKIF Pan American and Caribbean region, Hanshi Hiroshi Ishikawa eighth dan along with Japanese Sensei Shinji Tanaka fifth dan, Mexico’s Sensei Arnoldo Hernandez and Sensei Garbiel Garcia, as well as Sensei Beto Boutet of Panama. 


The KSKIF, in a media release said it was proud of the team’s achievements and will continue training to carry a larger team to SKIF Ninth American Karate-Do Championships, in 2016.


The KSKIF thanked corporate sponsors who aided in the team’s travels: Neal and Massy Foundation, Western Scientific, NIPDEC, Digicel, First Caribbean Bank and TCM.