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Gold Cup for Bigman In Town

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa Rosa Park will be the focus today, when the curtain falls on the Arima Race Club’s 2013 season. The season will end with Republic Bank sponsoring the ten-race programme which begins at 11 am. The feature event is the $500,000 Republic Bank Gold Cup which will have a field of 13 going to post, with Strikes Not Spares, Wooden and Toro Rosso staying indoors.  Emile Ramsammy will not be coming today and  Prayven Badrie will ride Golden Dixieland in the Gold Cup. Punters will be out to see if unbeaten Jamaican-bred colt Bigman In Town can win his fifth start in a row and land the Horse of The Year 2013 title. The Baskaran Bassawh-owned colt was impressive in the T&T Derby. He carried 56.5 kilos and won impressively; and based  on the form book no three-year-old should turn the table on the John O’Brien-trained colt. Last time out, Bigman In Town was made to work hard and held on to win the Caribbean Champion Stakes over 1,800 metres by a diminishing head from Headline News. Reports from the stable state that the colt was not well. He is better for the run and has been galloping well in preparation for this event. He will be difficult to beat with Wilmer Galviz in the saddle. 


O’Brien’s other entrant is Headline News. This colt has improved in the past four months. He continues to thrive, and with Brian Boodramsing astride could run big especially on first time lasix.
Derick Mosca has Gabby’s Gold, which will be ridden by Nobel Abrego. This horse won the President Cup and has been trained for this event. Gabby’s Gold has been galloping superbly and will go well once he does not go chasing down Signal Alert. However, you cannot allow Signal Alert an easy lead because he may never come back. That is the dilemna for Abrego. The other horse which must be respected is the Kenneth DeSilva Jr-trained Nominee. This horse has been improving and won the Champagne Stakes over 1,600 metres. However, my vote goes to Bigman In Town. The St Ann’s Stakes over 1,350 metres looks like a romp for the Anthony Nunes-trained juvenile Soca Rhapsody. This horse will win and it will take a miracle to turn her over. The Glenn Mendez-trained Maranza, which has been second on her both starts will follow her home.


In the Republic Online St James Stakes over 1,350 metres, Momentum and Dark Treasure are set to battle to the line. Momentum is drawn in the dreaded stall one; while Dark Treasure, which was highly impressive though lugging in last time, will race from stall two. These two colts are certainly above average, but I expect Momentum to win. The battle between the two top riders Boodramsing and Wilmer Galviz could go down to the last event. Galviz leads by two wins. Boodramsing has seven rides and will be aboard King Whistler, Song Of Class, Chase The Dragon, Justmyluck, Momentum, Headline News and Peppermint. However, Galviz has a great chance being declared for five top horses in Goodwill Boy, Soca Rhapsody, Dark Treasure, Bigman In Town and The Tactician. The host of overseas riders will include Orlando Bocachica, who is based at Calder racecourse and Venezuelans Louis Ramos, Manuel Melean, and Jonathon Mancilla. 



R1: 11 AM - REPUBLIC CORPORATE TISP 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 100-70 - 1,350 Metres - $60,000
776    1    Gabby's Wonderboy    R Stephen/L Keizer    46    No form
141    2    Goodwill Boy    A Nunes/W Galviz    47    Big shout
211    3    Star Entertainer    D Mosca/M Melean    54.5    Can win this
772    4    King Whistler    J O'Brien/B Boodramsing    51    Well weighted
341    5    Unquestionable    S Khan/N Flavenney    49    Repeat
324    6    Youaresobad    G Villiers/O Bocachica    57    Can surprise
621    7    El Bandido De Oro    H Chadee/J Stephen    53.5    Must go close

R2: 11.38PM - REPUBLIC MONEY MARKET FUND 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 45-0 -1,100 Metres(TURF) - $33,000
466    1    Bonnie    H Chadee/K Khelawan    57    Speedy
479    2    Cover You Donkey    M Carew Jnr/C Malcolm    56.5    Big shout
700    3    Atlantica    T Thomas/R Jadoo    56    Lost way
709    4    Lady Marisa    D Mosca/S Rodrigo    52.5    Can surprise
816    5    Something Black    R Dube/P Badrie    55.5    One to catch
049    6    Who Is The Problem    H Singh/C Malcolm    52.5    Chance
322    7    Messi    C Roberts/D Khelawan    57    In good form
035    8    Satya Treasure    T Thomas/D Butcher    54.5    Can go close
111    9    Queen Esther    J Mosca/N Flavenney    56.5    One to beat
779    10    Northern Hills    J Rampersad/Y Cristalino    57    Don't trust
044    11    Schyler's Gold    R Dube/E Ramsammy    56.5    Good sort

090    1    Golden Mistress    M Carew Jnr/K Balgobin    53    No form
365    2    Playthatfunkymusic    W Debysingh/P Badrie    52    Chance
9--    3    Imagine    W Debysingh/N Samaroo    55    Must improve
746    4    Monica Do Do    J Mosca/R Hasranah    47    In and out
574    5    Bold Destiny    M Carew Jnr/E Ramsammy    52    Big shout
2--    6    Drogbar    L Latchmansingh/N Flavenney    57    Good sort
---    7    Danceinthepark    H Singh/C Malcolm    55    Debut
4--    8    Mawiyya    L Alexis/R Thomas    55    Running on
725    9    Release D Beast    J Rampersad/L Ramos    55    Chance
508    10    Bas Choice    D Mosca/S Rodrigo    55.5    In tough
777    11    Advantage Them    K De Freitas/L Keizer    47    Shown little
88-    12    Strike Gold    L Alexis/S Jadoo    57    Can surprise
9--    13    Western Colours    J Leotaud/D Khelawan    57    Must improve
000    14    Sapphire    J Rampersad/L Lopez    47    Nothing yet
983    15    Camelot    T Thomas/E Ramsammy    53    Will go close
255    16    Chelsi Magic    C Roberts/K Jadoo    52    Speedy
358    17    My Giselle    J Mosca/K Khelawan    49.5    Outsider

R4: 12.53PM - REPUBLIC MORTGAGES ST ANN’S STAKES(GR 1R F) - W.I.BRED 2 Y.O. FILLIES -1,350 Metres - $150,000
53-    1    Gold Strike    S Khan/L Ramos    55    Outside shot
24-    2    Princess Reiko    G Emmanuel/P Badrie    55    Respected
---    3    Faith N' Fortune    R Dube/R Hasranah    55    Newcomer
1--    4    Soca Rhapsody    A Nunes/W Galviz    55    The winner
22-    5    Maranza    G Mendez/R Jadoo    55    Good sort

R5: 1.33PM -REPUBLIC EQUITY FUND 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 30-0- 1,100 Metres (TURF) - $31,000
748    1    Insidious    C Roberts/N Patrick    50    Shown little
308    2    Black Pepper    C Roberts/L Lopez    57    Speedy
245    3    Seal The Deal    R Stephen/L Keizer    57    Running on
670    4    Always Ready    H Chadee/S Jadoo    54    Outsider
267    5    Dazzling Diamond    L Alexis/R Jadoo    57    Speedy
078    6    Waka Waka    W Debysingh/N Samaroo    57    Outside shot
246    7    Vijayanti    F De Freitas/Y Cristalino    55    Big shout
245    8    Traditional Song    R Stephen/O Bocachica    55    Good sort
866    9    Cat Whiskers    S Khan/N Flavenney    57    Shown little
800    10    Big Red    R Dube/S Samuel    54.5    Nothing yet
521    11    Song Of Class    H Gobin/B Boodramsing    55    One to beat
007    12    Third Time Lucky    R Dube/Y Cristalino    52    In tough
849    13    Danzig's Day    R Maharaj/R Ali    55    In and out
009    14    Star Dreamer    H Chadee/J Stephen    55    Nothing yet
488    15    Sweet Parang Music    J Rampersad/R Hasranah    50.5    Chance
829    16    Stroke Of Love    L Alexis/D Gopie    54.5    In and out
898    17    Bananachips    W Debysingh/P Badrie               55    Scratched    
R6: 2.11PM - REPUBLIC VISA TRAVEL MONEY 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 70-55 -1,300 Metres - $43,000
7--    1    Swapped    D Mosca/M Melean    53.5    Improving
554    2    Caro's Legacy    K De Silva Jr/D Khelawan    54.5    Chance
631    3    Chase The Dragon    J O'Brien/B Boodramsing    56    Winner
660    4    Touch D Road    R Maharaj/R Ali    57    Scratched
512    5    Fire Light    D Mosca/P Badrie    56    Place chance
836    6    Officer Ike    R Stephen/O Bocachica    57    Needs shorter
211    7    Gold Rush    J O'Brien/E Ramsammy    56    Hattrick Seeker
113    8    Bandwagon    T Thomas/R Thomas    52.5    Outside shot
614    9    King Of Siberia    E Miller/N Abrego    54.5    Needs shorter

R7: 2.51PM -REPUBLIC MAKE IT HAPPEN LOAN 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 40-0 -1,350 Metres - $33,000
766    1    Little Otis    T Thomas/P Badrie    53.5    Going wrong way
158    2    Red-Hot Wheels    L Latchmansingh/K Razack    53    Running on
084    3    Precious Diamond    L Alexis/D Khelawan    56    Speedy
040    4    A Great Moment    H Chadee/J Stephen    57    No form
549    5    Martha    R Bartolo/D Gopie    57    Outside shot
844    6    Super Sonic    T Thomas/D Butcher    55.5    Must go close
658    7    Added Time    B Persad/K Razack    53.6    Outside shot
806    8    Consideritdone    G Villiers/Y Cristalino    56    Can surprise
758    9    Captive Witness    J William-Samaroo/J Mancilla    56    Chance
883    10    Best Defence    K De Freitas/S Rodrigo    56    Will go close
607    11    Lady Felisha    R Dube/Y Cristalino    57    Don't trust
004    12    Enigmatic    C Roberts/L Lopez    57    Good sort
552    13    On My Own    R Dube/K Khelawan    54.5    Big chance
090    14    Star Diamond    F De Freitas/S Samuel    54.5    In and out
331    15    Princess Jo Ann    J Mosca/N Flavenney    54.5    Repeat
222    16    Justmyluck    T Thomas/B Boodramsing    54.5    One to beat
566    17    Nature's Reality    R Stephen/L Ramos    54.5    Needs further

1--    1    Momentum    J O'Brien/B Boodramsing    55    One to beat
1--    2    Dark Treasure    G Mendez/W Galviz    55    Impressive
3--    3    Tonithetiger    D Mosca/M Melean    55    Place chance
15-    4    Country Boy    S Ferreira/E Ramsammy    55    Must go close
36-    5    All For The Haul    H Chadee/R Jadoo    55    Can surprise
2--    6    Justcallmebas    J O'Brien/N Abrego    55    Good sort
4--    7    Heroes N Legends    D Mosca/L Ramos    55    Scratched
12-    8    Eye See You    H Chadee/J Stephen    55    Will be around
4--    9    Luvdatcat    R Dube/D Khelawan    55    Must improve

R9: 4.15PM -REPUBLIC BANK GOLD CUP (GR1) - W.I. BRED 3 Y.O. & OVER AND IMPORTED 2 Y.0. & OVER - 2,000 Metres - $500,000
113    1    Galveston    D Mosca/O Bocachica    56    In tough
126    2    Slewjero    D Mosca/M Melean    53    Up in class
352    3    Buffalo Soldier    D Mosca/P Badrie    56    In tough
228    4    Golden Dixieland    T Thomas/E Ramsammy    56    Running on
346    5    Free Passage    D Mosca/K Balgobin    53    Running on
4--    6    Allied    J William-Samaroo/J Mancilla    53    Don't trust
342    7    Nominee    K De Silva Jr/D Khelawan    56    Big shout
644    8    Strikes Not Spares    T Thomas/D Butcher    56    Scratched
111    9    Bigman In Town    J O'Brien/W Galviz    50    One to beat
122    10    Signal Alert    G Mendez/R Jadoo    56    The speed
213    11    Red Lace    S Khan/N Flavenney    54    In tough
412    12    Headline News    J O'Brien/B Boodramsing    48    Respected
441    13    Lang Amour    D Ojar/J Stephen    56    Up in class
112    14    Woden    D Mosca/L Ramos    53    Scratched
341    15    Gabby's Gold    D Mosca/N Abrego    56    Ready to win
061    16    Toro Rosso    J William-Samaroo/N Patrick    56    Scratched

R10: 5 PM: REPUBLIC TISP 2 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 55-40 - 1,150 Metres - $37,400
567    1    Actin Time    C Roberts/N Flavenney    55    Outsider
980    2    First Encounter    J Mosca/K Razack    55    No form
250    3    Cafe's Marque    E Miller/N Abrego    57    In tough
446    4    The Tactician    A Nunes/W Galviz    53.5    Can surprise
931    5    Direct Injection    H Gobin/K Balgobin    56.5    Repeat
004    6    Doctor Of Merit    M Carew Jnr/R Ali    53.5    Lost way
699    7    She's A Cutie    H Chadee/J Stephen    55    Good sort
580    8    Peppermint    J O'Brien/B Boodramsing    54.5    Can surprise
160    9    Salome    D Bennett/R Jadoo    52.5    Speedy
8D0    10    Brash N Willing    M Carew Jnr/K Balgobin    54.5    Lost form
715    11    Fleet Admiral    G Mendez/K Khelawan    55.5    Running on
144    12    Zorro    J Mosca/S Samuel    54.5    In and out
212    13    Traditional Girl    J O'Brien/D Khelawan    57    Ready
662    14    Princess Warrior    D Mosca/M Melean    55.5    Respected
931    15    Red Magic    R Stephen/Y Cristalino    52.5    Can surprise
800    16    Big Daddy    L Alexis/N Samaroo    53.5    Scratched
541    17    Cherie D'amour    J O'Brien/C Malcolm    52.5    Chance
401    18    Hesuntouchabull    J Mosca/R Thomas    53    Repeat
21-    19    Bazinga    G Mendez/S Jadoo    57    Must go close



Dancing Brave
StarBet: R10 (Tradition Girl) 
R1: YouaresoBad, King Whistler, Unquestionable, Goodwill Boy
R2: Messi, Queen Esther, Schylers Gold, Cover you Donkey
R3: Bold Destiny, Western Colours, Release D Beast, Drogbar
R4: Soca Rhapsody, Maranza, Gold Strike, Princess Reiko
R5: Stroke of Love, Waka Waka, Black Pepper, Big Red
R6: Officer Ike, Chase the Dragon, Bandwagon, Touch D Road
R7: Captive Witness, Super Sonic, On My Own, A Great Moment
R8: Dark Treasure, Momentum, Country Boy, Heroes N Legends
R9: Signal Alert, Headline News, BigMan in Town, Woden
R10: Tradition Girl, Direct Injection, Big Daddy, Bazinga

The Mechanic 
StarBet: R9 (Signal Alert)  
R1: Star Entertainer, El Bandido de Oro , King Whistler , Goodwill Boy
R2: Messi, Queen Esther , Bonnie,Satya Treasure
R3: Bold Destiny, Drogbar, Mawiyya, PLaythatfunkymusic,Strike Gold 
R4: Maranza, Soca Rhapsody, Gold Strike , Princess Reiko  
R5: Star Dreamer, Danzig’s Day, Vijayanti, Dazzling Diamond , Big Red 
R6: Chase the Dragon, Gold Rush , Firelight, Swapped    
R7: Just My Luck, On My Own, Princess Joann, Super Sonic,
R8: Dark Treasure , Momentum, Country Boy , Eye See You
R9: Signal Alert( Nap Selection) , Gabby’s Gold , Headline News, Galveston
R10: Bazinga, Direct Injection, Zorro, Princess Warrior
The Watcher 
StarBet: R10 (Peppermint)  
R1: Star Entertainer, King Whistler, Unquestionable, El Bandido del Oro
R2: Satya Treasure, Queen Ester, Lady Marisa, Atlantica
R3: Playthatfunkymusic, Bold Destiny, Mawiyya, Drogbar, Release D Beast 
R4: Soca Rhapsody, Maranza, Princess Reiko  
R5: Song of Class, Black Pepper, Vijayanti, Cat Whiskers, Star Dreamer  
R6: Swapped, King of Siberia, Officer Ike, Gold Rush    
R7: Captive Witness, On My Own, Consideritdone, Precious Diamond, Enigmatic.
R8: Momentum, Dark Treasure, Heroes N Legends, Country Boy 
R9: Headline News, Bigman in Town, Nominee,  Gabby’s Gold, Slewjero
R10: Peppermint, First Encounter, Bazinga, Tradition Girl, Cafe’s Marquee.

Eddie A
StarBet: R10 (Direct Injection)
R1: Youaresobad, El Bandido De Oro, Star Entertainer.
R2: Satya Treasure, Queen Esther, Messi.
R3: Release D Beast, Bold Destiny, Western Colours, Drogbar.
R4: Soca Rhapsody, Maranza.
R5: Dazzling Diamond, Bananachips, Song Of Class, Seal The Deal.
R6: Chase The Dragon, Fire Light, Officer Ike.
R7: Captive Witness, Enigmatic, Justmyluck, Lady Felisha.
R8: Momentum, Dark Treasure, Eye See You.
R9: Bigman In Town, Gabby’s Gold, Headline News, Galveston.
R10: Direct Injection, Tradition Girl, Princess Warrior, Zorro.
Kelvin ‘N’
StarBet: R6 (Chase The Dragon)
R1: King Whistler, Goodwill Boy, El Bandido De Oro
R2: Cover You Donkey, Bonnie, Messi, Schyler’s Gold, Queen Esther  (T)
R3: Bold Destiny, Release D Beast, Drogbar, Camelot, Chelsi Magic (T)
R4: Soca Rhasody, Maranza, Princess Reijko
R5: Song Of Class, Danzig’s Day, Blacjk Pepper, Dazzling Diamond
R6: Chase The Dragon, Gold Rush, Firelight
R7: Just My Luck, Super Sonic, Nature’s Reality, Princess Joann, A Great Moment
R8: Momentum, Dark Treasure, Eye See You, Country Boy
R9: Bigman In Town, Headline News, Gabby’s Gold, Nominee, Signal Alert
R10: Peppermint, Fleet Admiral, Zorro, Bazinga, Cherie Amour


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