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Njisane improving in California hospital

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

National cyclist Njisane Phillip is showing signs of improvement in California, USA, after being hospitalised on Friday with stomach pains.


Njisane, who was warded at the California Hospital Medical Center, was moved to a specialist hospital yesterday for further examinations. The doctors are still not certain what is wrong with Njisane, but plan to run further tests today. Phillip Whiteman, Njisane’s stepfather, said yesterday that the pain has eased up and Njisane is more comfortable after taking antibiotics.


Whiteman and Njisane’s mother, Vere Whiteman, will leave Trinidad today to visit him. Whiteman said that Njisane was in a good mood after hearing that they were coming to California.


Whiteman appreciated the support from Njisane’s fellow athletes and the Ministry of Sport. Minister Anil Roberts sent Whiteman a text message early yesterday morning to find out how Njisane was progressing.


This incident has delayed Njisane’s preparations for the UCI Cycling World Cup leg three in Guadalajara, Mexico, carded for January 17-19. Njisane won silver in the men’s sprint event at leg one of the World Cup in England from November 1-3, becoming the first T&T cyclist to win a medal at the Cycling World Cup.


A month later at leg two of the World Cup in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Njisane did not win any medals, but performed creditably, breaking his own national record.