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Njisane shows progress

Friday, January 10, 2014

National cyclist Njisane Phillip is optimistic that he will be back on his bike next week to start his preparations for the UCI (International Cycling Union) World Track Cycling Championships in Colombia, which pedals off on February 26.


Njisane, who is warded at a specialist centre in California, USA, spoke to his former manager Gregory D’Andrade. D’Andrade said: “He is hoping to be back on the bike next week to prepare for the World’s (UCI World Track Cycling Championships).” Njisane also told D’Andrade that he is hoping to be discharged today. 


The T&T Guardian previously understood that one of Njisane’s kidneys were swollen, but yesterday it was confirmed that both were swollen, after examination on Wednesday. 


Njisane’s former manager said one is back to normal and the other is only swollen slightly. The swelling was caused because his urinal track was blocked. Also, if Njisane shows enough progress today, he may come off the antibiotics, which he has been taking since last Friday. 


The medical staff did not run any tests yesterday, but did not want to take any chances and kept him for observation.