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Njisane pedals to match sprint gold in Arima

Monday, April 21, 2014
National cyclist Njisane Phillip, left, acknowledges the crowd as he finishes ahead of Quincy Alexander (Team DPS) to win the International Men’s Match Sprint on Saturday night. PHOTO: ANTHONY HARRIS

National cyclist Njisane Phillip won the International Men’s Match Sprint on Saturday night on day two of the International Easter Grand Prix, defeating Team DPS rider Quincy Alexander at the Arima Velodrome.


Alexander’s Team DPS teammate Justin Roberts finished third, while national cyclist Jude Codrington was fourth. Earlier in the sprint semi-finals, it was a T&T showdown between Codrington and Njisane, with the latter prevailing. In the other semi-final, Alexander (Quincy) defeated Roberts.


In the ladies sprint, Mexican Daniela Gaxiola took home the title for the junior, elite and international riders. Bike Smith’s Keiana Lester won silver, while the Arima Wheelers duo of Aziza Browne and Jodi Goodridge finished third and fourth, respectively.


In the endurance races, national cyclist Adam Alexander had to settle for two silver medals. In the international men’s eight-lap event, Jamaican Marloe Rodman finished ahead of Alexander (Adam). Dario Pagliaricci of Argentina grabbed bronze and Codrington ended fourth.


In the international and invitational men’s 30-lap event, the longest race of the night, Bajan Jamol Eastmond had the legs to finish ahead of Alexander (Adam). Pagliaricci won another bronze, while Rodman just missed out on a medal, finishing fourth.


Action in the three-day Grand Prix concluded last night at Skinner Park, San Fernando.