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Young environmental activists save trees

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
From right: PoS SDA Primary School Principal, Joan Murphy and PoS SDA Primary School, Reading Specialist, Juliet Wong-Chong with enthusiastic pupils.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, the three key factors in recycling are gaining a greater appreciation as saving the environment continues to become more of a priority on people’s agenda. 


The Port-of-Spain SDA Primary school leaped at the opportunity to make a difference in their community by collecting old telephone directories as part of the blink-bmobile Directory Recycling Program 2014.


Francisca Spinks, standard five teacher, said in a release that the students had a deep appreciation for the important role recycling plays in the preservation of the environment and the ozone layer. This is due to the students’ involvement in previous recycling projects where they used only recycled materials and old boxes in box cart competitions. Spinks indicated that administration was glad to have the students exposed to recycling at this early stage of their lives and is confident that it would contribute to their overall development as responsible citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.


Joan Murphy, Principal of the PoS SDA Primary School said “This program created the opportunity for students to bond through competition among groups. The activity assisted in fostering better relationships among classmates as well as inculcating the need for co-operation, a skill needed throughout life. The school collected 200 directories in total, a large feat for a school of only 125 students. This accomplishment shows how committed the students are to the preservation of the environment.”


Head, Small & Medium Enterprises, Carmini La Caille-Ali said, “We are glad that the blink-bmobile Directory Recycling Program 2014 could not only assist schools financially but also strengthen students’ core values so that they will be ready for any challenge now or in the future.”


Launched recently and in partnership with the Save Foundation, the program encouraged students to organise collection drives within their schools, communities and local businesses to collect as many old directories as possible.