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Dreams are worth defending

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Diary of a Mothering Worker - Entry 115
Gabrielle Hosein

Why pursue what many consider a lost cause? Battles that seem like they are no longer or never were worthwhile, ones you can expect to be opposed by the majority or by Goliaths around you, ones about which too few seem to care.


Should you simply abandon struggles you are unlikely to win, and re-strategise for the ones ahead? What about when your vision seems unpopular and justice appears impossible? Does it still matter if it’s considered only a minority issue?


Being a part of Caribbean feminist efforts to advance women’s political leadership or end violence or secure the right to safe and legal abortion, I often encounter women and men who think that feminism has no value because gender inequality is natural, normal and inevitable. Then there are others who, ironically, think feminism is now outdated and worthless because women have all they should already.


Some just think the work needed is too hard and too uphill. 


But you don’t pursue a principle because it’s popular or easy. You don’t give in because pervasive but inaccurate stereotypes misread what is possible and still necessary.