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Bajan Belle reigns again at Sport World Classic

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Stevenson Belle of Barbados reclaims the Sport World Classic body-building title.

Stevenson Belle of Barbados reclaimed the title as the top male athlete at the Sport World Classic 2014, held at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, on Saturday. T&T’s own Terri Ann Cameron is the new Miss Bikini Fitness victor overall. The athletes won favour with the panel of fitness experts presiding at the weekend event.


Belle made quick work of former Mr T&T Neal Bonaparte and Grenada’s own Damion Daniel in the men’s heavy weight division before moving on to flex his way to a consecutive victory in the overall round of the Classic. There, he met countryman Ramon Broomes, winner of the men’s light heavyweight category, Kelton Thomas (T&T) the men’s light weight champion, and Joel Baldeosingh (T&T) who emerged tops in the middle weight division. But in that round of competition Belle remained unstoppable, too and ultimately walked away with the top prize.


Cameron’s climb to the top began with victory in the Bikini Fitness Short class. Local athletes Susan Pollonais and Nidia Sookhoo were her challengers. Cameron then met Shannon Hutchinson (T&T) who won the Bikini Fitness (Tall) class.


Mexico’s Andrea Ramirez and T&T’s Abini Procope also vied for that title.





Men’s Bodybuilding Overall
Stevenson Belle
Bikini Fitness Overall
Terri Ann Cameron



Men's Light Heavy Weight
1 Ramon Broomes (Barbados)
2 Gabriel Blake (T&T)
3 Mark La Borde (T&T)



Men's Light Weight
1 Kelton Thomas (T&T)
2 Shaquile Lavine (Barbados)
3 Sanjay Lutchman (T&T)



Men's Middle Weight
1 Joel Baldeosingh (T&T)
2 Laron Gibson (Barbados)
3 Adrian Amsterdam (T&T)



Body Fitness Open
1 T'Chelle Harris (T&T)
2 Cleopatra Carti (St Maarten)
3 LaToya Hamilton (T&T)



Men’s Physique
1 Ramon Dodson (Barbados)
2 Armando Davies (T&T)
3 Rocky Kewley (T&T)



Men's Heavy Weight
1 Stevenson Belle (Barbados)
2 Damion Daniel (Grenada)
3 Neal Bonaparte (T&T)



Bikini Fitness (Short)
1 Terri- Ann Cameron (T&T)
2 Susan Pollonais (T&T)
3 Nidia Sookhoo (T&T)



Bikini Fitness (Tall)
1 Shannon Hutchinson (T&T)
2 Andrea Ramirez (Mexico)
3 Abini Procope (T&T)