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Narine calls for Bassarath to be investigated

Saturday, February 27, 2016
T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) Azim Bassarath. West Indies off-spinner Sunil Narine

Embattled West Indies off-spinner Sunil Narine is calling for an investigation into an alleged email purportedly sent by president of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) Azim Bassarath.

In a release sent yesterday by former West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Dinanath Ramnarine on behalf of Narine, the KKR bowler stated: “I want to make it known that as a result of the publicity surrounding the alleged emails between Mr Azim Bassarath and other Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) members regarding myself, I have lodged a complaint with the National League Representatives (NLR) and have requested an independent investigation into the matter.  

“Whilst I have become frustrated of late and it remains harder and harder to keep faith, trust and confidence, when I see emails between Board members on valid and well-known addresses to me and when the alleged authors of these emails deny they sent them I feel I deserve an explanation as to how they came in to existence.  Who sent them?  I also feel that if indeed the emails were sent by the alleged authors then the ramifications for the TTCB as a credible organization are significant. Hence, why I have called for an independent investigation.”

He then attached information that in his estimation can prove helpful to the NLR in investigating the matter. Members of the NLR are Dinanath Ramnarine, Daren Ganga, Clint Pamphile, Giles Antoine, Andre Lawrence and Anil Kamal.

It is alleged that Bassarath sent out an email stating “Let him start to Bowl !!!!!! He was not turning much in d first place!!!!! Straight ball and faster one all the time. !!!! PELTING!!!!!!!”  

Narine ended by stating: “I look forward to positive and decisive action on these matters that I have raised and by stating everything here I now leave it to be handled by the National League Representatives and wish to say no more publicly.”