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​QP manager wants Bassarath to go

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Jeffrey Guillen

Queen’s Park manager Jeffrey Guillen is calling on president of the T&T Cricket Board (T&TCB) Azim Bassarath to resign if it is proven that comments made on Sunil Narine’s bowling action which has been circulated via e-mail were made by him. 

Guillen said the comments re Narine’s bowling action which were copied to the entire executive of the T&TCB from a confirmed and known e-mail address were in his view, unbecoming of a president. “Nevertheless, what’s much more disturbing was his published denial via a press release on Sunday where he disassociated himself from the alleged e- mail and reserved the right to legal recourse.”

Guillen said one of the most important qualities of a leader was integrity. “We must at all times hold our leaders to the highest standards. We must all agree on the importance of complete honesty in everything they all do, both internally and externally. The core of integrity is truthfulness.”

 Guillen said he noticed that Baldath Mahabir, an executive member of TTCB and former director of the WICB and a respondent of the initial e-mail has remained silent.   “Dr Allan Sammy, also a former director of WICB has been quoted in the Newsday last week that he was not in receipt of such an e-mail. I trust and urge him to recheck carefully before his integrity is seriously questioned.”

Guillen said many have confirmed from where the e-mails came.  “I would like to sincerely thank them for their honestly.”

He said Basarath’s denial may have compromised the entire executive of the TTCB and put them in a very tenuous position. “As a result, he must do the honourable thing and resign forthwith. Short  of that, the executive despite their loyalty will have to act to preserve the integrity of the TTCB.”

Guillen stated that  in an environment where various sports are competing for sponsorship and given the history and record of the TTCB, the integrity of the institution must always be of paramount importance than any individual.