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Amalgamated donates $20,000 to charity

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Gilbert Reyes, executive manager/director at Amalgamated Security Services, centre, is flanked by Dr Jacqueline Sabga, left, and Cherise Stauble, retired clinical psychologist at a presentation in Macoya, last week. PHOTO: WALTER ALIBEY

Amalgamated Security Services has donated a whopping $20,000 to Side by Side that will go towards assisting two local charities—The Just Because Foundation and the T&T Cancer Society.

Side by Side is a team comprising of Dr Jacqueline Sabga, family physician, and Cherise Stauble, a retired clinical psychologist whose aim is to raise awareness for the two charities by competing in a bicycle ride from London to Paris. This team has undertaken several endurance races thereby raising money and awareness for various charities.

For the current event, Side by Side has embarked on a challenging training programme by preparing them to complete a three-day bicycle ride from London to Paris at the end of July 2017. As part of a 400 strong group, they will ride approximately 100 to 110 miles each day, traversing from Escher to Dover and ferry across to Calais on day one of the event; and ride from Calais to Aimens on day two before continuing through the French countryside to their final destination at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on the final day for a total of 340 miles.

Side by Side’s aim is to use this event to bring international awareness to the Just Because Foundation and the T&T Cancer Society.

As such, Amalgamated Security Services will proudly donate $20,000 to Side by Side in an effort to facilitate their continued and imperative work and to help them achieve their charitable and fund-raising goals.