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Kewley rocks Pan Am bodybuilding

Monday, November 20, 2017
T&T bodybuilder Rocky Kewley poses with his double gold medals at the Pan Am Games in Ecuador.

T&T bodybuilder Rocky Kewley won double gold at the inaugural Pan Am Games for bodybuilding on Saturday night in Ecuador.

Competing in the Men’s Physique, Kewley topped his class and then went on to win the overall title to continue local bodybuilding’s bumper year.

It’s a source of sheer delight for T&T Bodybuilding Federation president Susanna Hadad, who has seen the sport take another step up through Kewley’s most recent achievements.

She said, “The international federation has been striving for this for many years and it is one of the goals of the IFBB to be accepted into the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games and major competitions like these, so this is a great achievement for the sport,” she told us.

The Pan Am Games has officially accepted classic bodybuilding, which goes by a height to weight ratio. This form, she says, is more accepted by the wider public.

Commenting on Kewley’s success, Hadad was lost for words. “It’s something that I don’t know how to explain,” she told Guardian Media Sports.

Kewley’s performance followed a successful Barbados trip for T&T ladies Natasha Bonaparte and Fiona Branker. Both ladies finished first and second respectively in the Women’s Physique at the 2017 edition of the Darcy Beckles Bodybuilding Invitational Classic, Bikini and Fitness.