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We Write 31st July, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

There used to be a time when women worried about their breast health and men worried about their hearts. But from the information revealed by Dr Yvonne Turner-Johnson in this week's cover story, written by Charmaine Daisley, it seems that women ought to be paying more attention to their heart health too. As women, most of us lead packed lives. We're taking care of everyone except the most important people - ourselves. Our cover story really drives the point home that we need to turn the spotlight on us ever so often no matter how busy we get. Inside you have to read Roslyn Carrington's unforgettable cooking experience at the Fanatic Kitchen.

One wonders how she was able to write her story given all the fun she had there. Our resident makeup artist Nadine Johnson shares some great tips on cleaning makeup brushes and even adds a bonus - a recipe for a brush cleaning solution. Can friends become lovers and casually go back to being friends again? Tennille Alleyne explored the topic and spoke to those who have crossed the line. Read these friends surveyed had to say about it. Whew, 'twas a busy week that went by. It's a good thing women are blessed with the gift of multitasking. That said, let me take your leave. Have a spoonful of callaloo and a bite of that baked chicken for me please, until the issue.

Happy Sunday