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Cuffy grilled on Moses selection

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Saturday, January 30, 2016
Communications Minister Maxie Cuffy

Pressed yesterday by journalists to explain the appointment of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister Dennis Moses as a Minister in the Ministry of National Security, Communications Minister Maxie Cuffy said the Ministry has different departments and therefore a Minister of National Security does not necessarily need to have military or police training. He said there is nothing that disqualifies Moses as a Minister of National Security.

“The Ministry does not only require the qualifications of a Minister of National Security to have a services background. Ministers of National Security are also responsible for immigration, counter terrorism,…national security matters. 

“There are a number of international security matters that fall under the Ministry of National Security, it is not just a policeman or an army person who can be minister. If you check the history you will see the former members of National Security did not have military or police background., he said.

Asked what makes Moses a suitable candidate for the position, Cuffie said “connect the dots.” 

Pressed further for a better explanation, he said: “The Prime Minister announced that he was putting greater resources in the Ministry of National Security, then he announced the appointment of a Minister in the Ministry of National Security, I don’t think I should go further than that.”

Cuffie also said Moses knows what his responsibilities are, and has a “good idea” of what he is supposed to do.

Asked when was Moses briefed, Cuffie said: “I don’t want to get into that…I am quite sure the Minister of National Security, who is always available to the media, to explain at some point what are the responsibilities that Mr Moses will pursue while being Minister in the Ministry.”

Cuffie said Moses is a Member of Parliament since he is a member of Senate, “so the Prime Minister would have surveyed all his members of Parliament who will be able to bring additional value to the Ministry of National Security and clearly he felt that Mr Moses was (one) who would bring greatest value to the Ministry of National Security at this time.” (See page A5)